Using a Compliment Jar

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Are you looking for a way to improve or change up your classroom management strategy? Here is one strategy I love using: a class compliment jar!

The great news? It doesn’t have to be a real jar! I have everything you need to put this system in place– and it doesn’t cost a ton of money!

When I use a class compliment jar– I have one rule: The compliment must come from ANOTHER teacher or adminstrator. My personal compliments do not count. This helps my students with behavior outside of our room (like art, PE, lunchroom, etc.).

My students were always so excited to receive a compliment and put a token in our jar!

Here is how it works:

  1. Print off your compliment jar/tokens, laminate, and cut out all the pieces.
  2. Store tokens in a ziplock.
  3. Decide how you will display the jar. I glued magnets on the back of my jar and tokens and hung them from our magnetic whiteboard.
  4. Decide how students will earn tokens.
  5. Decide how many tokens will equal a reward (for example– my students had to earn 12 tokens to vote on a class reward).
  6. Talk with your students about the compliment jar so they are excited to earn tokens!

My compliment jar download comes with:

  • Titles
    • 3 “compliment jar” options (2 print and 1 cursive)
    • 3 “compliment cookies” options (2 print and 1 cursive)
  • Printable Jars:
    • 3 different jars: candy, cookie, mason
    • 1 cookie sheet
  • Printable Filler Options
    • 4 “generic” choices (star, heart, 2 cookies) PLUS black & white outlines to print on colored paper
    • 1 “monthly” choice (colored version OR black and white) See example below of the December themed tokens:

I hope this post gave you a simple management strategy to use with your students! Have a great week!

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