The Teacher’s Assistant

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This blog post is short and sweet! Sometimes you just need 5 minutes to finish grading tests or work with struggling students– but it’s hard to find time when your other 25 students are constantly coming up to ask you questions!

Thus– I created the position of “Teacher Assistant”.

Here is how it works: First, I print these badges that fit into a plastic name badge holder (I found mine at Walmart) and attach a cute lanyard so it won’t get lost. Next, I choose 1-2 responsible students (usually ones who follow directions, listen, are good at explaining things, etc.) and let them wear a badge for the day.

I even let my assistant give out Class Dojo points while I was conferencing with students about their writing pieces! It was amazing! I highly recommend trying it!

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If you give it a go let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!

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