The BEST Pencil Sharpener

Hello teacher friends! Today I am sharing with you my ALL TIME favorite pencil sharpener! I know some people are all about the electric sharpeners– but I was always so bummed when I purchased one and it burned out before the school year even ended! 
I present to you– the Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener! Once I started using this sharpener– I knew I would never go back to an electric! 
Here are the pros of these sharpeners:
1) They are QUIET! 
2) They are easy to use
3) You can set it up anywhere in your classroom 
4) They make the pencils sharper than anything I’ve ever seen (and the lead doesn’t break easily after sharpening)
5) They are easy to maintain (cleanliness, lead sticking, etc.)
6) They come in an amazing variety of colors! I got blue to stick with my color scheme 🙂 
7) Buying in bulk saves you money (and you won’t have to buy a sharpener for many years!)
Once I taught my students the proper way to handle the sharpener– they LOVED it! Don’t be intimidated by it’s unique look (I promise– it’s super easy!) The website even has videos to show you how to use them! Check out my photos to see how sharp this CHEAP pencil gets (you know– the ones you give out for holidays and always break in the regular sharpeners???)
Isn’t that amazing? Every classroom definitely needs one! 

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