The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 (Kindness Day)

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I think today was one of my favorite days so far! We had a great day discussing how we could show kindness to others in school, at home, and in our community! Please note: Any Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.

First we read this book:

It’s an adorable story about this kind hedgehog who is traveling to see Badger– and along the way he stops to help other forest animals. His kindness is repaid in the end. My kids definitely enjoyed it!

After reading we wrote about the lesson we learned in the story and how we could apply it to our own lives. I had the kids come up with a list of people in our school we could show appreciation to (I told them it needed to be an adult). We came up with a list and them I had students (in about groups of 3-4) volunteer to make a Christmas card for that person. After we created our cards we delivered them! The kids loved it!

You can get a FREE template of these cards by subscribing to my email list (plus access to a growing free resource library!)– all I had the kids do was color the words and tree– then we used paint on our fingertips to make the “lights” and “ornaments”. We filled out the inside with our thank you’s– and we were all set! It was fun and easy!

One of my sweet girls surprised me with a card she had made for me! I happily hung it up on my personal bulletin board!

I hope you have a very “merry and bright” week!

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