The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 7 (Stocking Day)

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Today was stocking day– and we started by reading a picture book.  This one was hard to come by, so I actually purchased it for the Kindle on the Amazon website– and then just projected it on the screen while I read it to my kids. Please note: Any Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.

Afterwards we filled out our graphic organizers and had a great discussion about the book’s setting!

I thought it would be fun to make small stocking ornaments– and it was pretty easy! Here is the finished result:

Here is how we created these little stockings:

  1. Draw a small stocking outline on a piece of cardstock (I made mine about 3 inches long). Cut it out.
  2. Use the stocking you just created to trace and cut out enough cardstock stockings for each student.
  3. Trace stockings onto the back of various pieces of scrapbook paper.
  4. Give each student one cardstock stocking and one piece of scrapbook paper.
  5. Have students cut and glue the cardstock stocking to the scrapbook paper stocking. I also had mine write their names, grade, and year on the back of the stocking.
  6. Laminate for longevity.
  7. Hot glue cotton balls along the top of the stocking– I cut the cotton balls in half and then spread them out before gluing.
  8. Punch a hole near the top of the stocking and tie on a ribbon.

Also, it would have been fun to buy real small stockings for students and let them decorate with buttons, ribbon, puff paint, etc.

I hope this gave you some fun ideas! Thanks for reading!

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