Tackling Main Idea & Details


Do you struggle with finding activities to help your students practice identifying main idea and details? This is SUCH a hard concept for little brains to understand– so the more practice you can give them– the better!

One of my favorite ways to practice reading or literacy skills is to give students a game to play! They are usually so excited they don’t even realize they are learning! (Plus, this football theme will help to get your boys or reluctant learners on board!)

This download comes with 2 parts: a center game and practice sheets

The center game can be played independently– but I highly reccomend putting this activity in a center with an adult or higher level readers (just because it’s a tough skill and some of the passages are longer).

The center game comes with:

  • Printable anchor charts
  • Playing pieces and directions
  • 20 main idea passages (with mostly multiple choice answers)
    • **Example questions: “This passage is mostly about”, “Find at least 2 details to support the main idea”, “What would be the best title for this passage”**
  • 1 answer key
  • Everything listed above but in black/white so you can print on Astrobrights and save on ink!

The 7 practice sheets include:

  • 4 worksheets: write in 3 details to support the main idea
  • 2 worksheets: color in details that support the main ideas
  • 1 worksheet: cut and paste details on the matching main idea
  • Answer keys

I hope this center activity gives you one more tool to help you teach reading in your classroom! Have a blessed day!

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