Strawberry Decor

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Hi! I am so excited to introduce my strawberry themed classroom decor to you! It has such a sweet color scheme– along with fun pops of farmhouse patterns & adorable strawberry clipart! 

As with all of my decor bundles, I tried to include many editable options, so if you feel like something is missing you can always create it yourself!

The majority of the pieces in this bundle can be purchased
individually, but you will save money by grabbing the bundle (plus, you get exclusive
bundle freebies!) 

And of course, I’ve included a few digital items (just in case you’re
teaching from home). 

In this bundle you will get:

· Editable binder covers & spines

· Class birthday display

· 3 drawer labels

· Book box labels

· Large wall calendar (and add ons!)

· Welcome Bulletin Board

· Editable class rule posters

· Editable schedule cards

· Editable teacher toolbox labels

· Motivational posters

·Work coming soon Posters

· Google Slides & headers

· Editable labels

· Place value display posters

· Desk name tags  

Also, the bundle comes with
TONS of exclusive freebies (only available with the bundle purchase). Items

· Cursive & print alphabet lines

· Alphabet posters

· Editable blank posters

· Editable banners

· Motivational mini posters

· Number line

· Color posters

· Shape posters 

· Crayon box labels


I think this theme is perfect to give your classroom a
fun, sweet feel– and your students will LOVE looking at it all year long! You can find the bundle 
HERE (or by clicking pictures
in this post). 

As promised, here are some of the items I used (Please note that Amazon links are affiliate links): 

· 3 inch white binders (Amazon)

· Plastic storage tubs (Amazon)

· Black Toolbox (Amazon)

· Teal book bins (Amazon)

· White 8 cube shelf (Amazon)

· Grey baskets (IKEA)

· Bulletin board paper (Amazon)

· White picture frames (Amazon dupe– from walmart)

· Strawberry plate and pen holder: Hobby Lobby

· 3 Drawer organizer (Walmart)

· Teal lamp (Hobby Lobby)

· White bulletin board (Hobby Lobby)

· 10 drawer white rolling cart (Michaels)


Lastly, to thank you for stopping by I’d love to offer you
the “Mini Motivational Posters” as a freebie! Click 
HERE or on the pic to gain access to my FREE
resource library! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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