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Today I went up to my classroom to work on more setup. Our schoolwide theme this year is “camping”– so that is also my classroom theme. I made one bulletin board called “Birthday Bugs”. I found a printout of mason jars online, added the months, and printed them on different colors. Each mason jar cutout is a month and I put little fireflies on them with my students’ birthdays. Then I hot glued some plastic bugs on the board.

My next project was to continue working on my writing center– so I created this “What can I write?” poster along with 8 examples of what students can work on during class. Then I laminated them and glued them to the wall!

Then when I was at home I took this bird printout and cut out 21 little scrapbook birds. I glued the birds onto clothespins. Later I will glue the clothespins to the wall (probably in the hallway) and use them to hang up student work! I think they are cute!

Feeling quite productive for such a scatterbrained day!

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  1. Hi Anna! Your little birdie clips are super cute! I'm glad I found your blog:-) I nominated you for a Liebster Blog award. This award supports blogs with under 200 followers! You are on the way! Stop by my blog to pick up your award:-)

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