Pumpkin Day in the Classroom

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Are you looking for a fun, yet educational, idea for your classroom during the fall and autumn season? Hosting a pumpkin day may be the perfect answer! My 3rd grade students LOVED bringing in their own pumpkins– and they had so much fun with our planned activities they didn’t even realize they were practicing their math and ELA skills!

Prepping for Pumpkin Day

You will need a few items for your pumpkin day!
* Pumpkins (I like to do one per student. I usually ask for parents to supply average sized pumpkins, but you could easily use mini pumpkins.)
* Parent Letter Freebie (also included in the pumpkin unit download)
* Pumpkin Day Printables
*Optional: Pumpkin multiply & color pages

*Optional: Pumpkin multiplication centers

* Math Items for actvities: cubes, tape measures/rulers, scale, string, tub for “sink/float”

Pumpkin Day ELA & Writing Actvities

For ELA and writing the pumpkin day printables include:

  • 2 Descriptive writing organizers (Pumpkins feel like… Pumpkins look like… Etc.)
  • 1 Adjective writing organizer (describe a pumpkin)
  • 2 “How to carve a pumpkin” sequencing organizers (one with lines and one without)
  • 2 “Life cycle of a pumpkin” organizers (one with lines and one without)
  • Descriptive Writing Activity: Students design their own pumpkins and write a “description” for their designs. Other students try to match descriptions to finished pumpkins.

Pumpkin Day Bulletin Board & Craftivity

One of my favorite parts of pumpkin day is having students create this hands-on craftivity! Pluls, it can easily be used for a classroom seasonal display or bulletin board! The craftivity includes:

  • 2 Craftivity styles: 1 version prints on construction paper (cut/glue together); 1 version is black & white so you can copy and color
  • 1 Set of small bulletin board words (best/cutest pumpkins in the patch)
  • Various sets of lined paper to put under the pumpkin craft (lined, sequencing, and some with space for drawings)

Pumpkin Day Math Activities

Most of the math activities in the pumpkin day download are geared toward the following 3rd grade standards: estimation, bar graphs, 3 digit addition, and 3 digit subtraction.

  • 2 Pages for estimation and prediction activities (using real pumpkins)
  • 1 Bar graph activity (whole class activity)
  • 1 Page of pumpkin addition problems (up to 3 digit/carrying)
  • 1 Page of pumpkin subtraction problems (up to 3 digit/regrouping)

I also like to throw in my multiply and color pages or my pumpkin multiplication centers for some extra review!

Science Ideas

My download doesn’t include any science ideas, but you can easily use Pinterest to find something! For example, you may want to try some “exploding pumpkins” or “oozing pumpkins”. You can also search for pumpkin STEM ideas like pumpkin catapults or building pumpkin structures! The ideas are endless!

I hope this post gave you some fun and educational ideas to do with your students during the month of October! Pumpkin Day is always a hit– even if you only do some of the parts and don’t make an entire day of it. I hope you have a great fall!

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