Tackling Main Idea: A Literacy Center Game & Activities



This fun football game is centered around the ever-so-important topic of main idea and details!

There are 2 parts to the packet: A center game and practice sheets. Here is what is included:

Tackling Main Idea (center game)

2 anchor charts (1 to explain main idea and 1 to explain supporting details)

1 game board (made to look like a football field)

1 score board (made to look like a real score board)

5 playing pieces

1 set of teacher and student directions

20 main idea passages (with mostly multiple choice answers)

**Example questions: “This passage is mostly about”, “Find at least 2 details to support the main idea”, “What would be the best title for this passage”

1 answer key

4 sets of additional cards (example: “Fumble! Lose a turn!)


Main Idea Practice Sheets:

4 worksheets where students must write in 3 details to support the main idea.

2 worksheets where students must color in details that support the main ideas.

1 worksheet where students must cut and paste details on the matching main idea.

Answer keys


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