Succulent Calendar



This editable classroom calendar made to match a succulent, rustic, or shiplap themed classroom style. I think it would also look great with farmhouse chic classroom decor! Please note that the plants in the product are mostly succulents– NOT cacti.

Also, the style of the clipart I used in the product is watercolor, so it is slightly blurry since they do not have crisp, black outlines like other clipart. I just wanted to give you a heads up before you purchase (in case something like this bothers you).

This download includes:

6 different calendar colors

1 set of 20×16″ calendars (if you wish to try and print professionally)

3 different month label styles

2 year label styles

2 date label styles

Calendar Add ons: days of the week cards, weather cards, season cards, temperature cards, and days of school number sign

EDITABLE ITEMS: Main calendar days can be edited to use other languages; Month cards can be edited; Date cards can be edited (to add holidays or special events)



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