Spring NO PREP Math (3rd Grade)


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NO PREP Spring Math Packet (3rd Grade): This spring-themed math packet is full of plenty of practice opportunities for those sweet 3rd graders in your room! I have tried to pair each page to a common core standard. You can easily use these pages for centers, small group, morning work, and homework. I also included answer keys for every page. Here are the topics covered:

*Turning a multiplication array into a fact family & word problem

*Word Problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

*2-Step Word Problems (require a mix of operations)

*Multiplication (solve and color; fill-in-the-blank)

*4 digit addition (with regrouping)

*4 digit subtraction (with regrouping)

*Area (multiply to solve)

*Perimeter (calculate the perimeter of a “spring” banner”)

*Extended Multiplication Facts (Example: 4 x 60)

*Spin an Extended Fact

*Fractions (comparing using <, >, and =)

*Fractions (partitioning a number line and placing the fraction on it)

*Spin and Graph (bar graph)

* Measuring to the nearest ¼ inch

*Rounding (nearest 10 and 100)

*Time (nearest minute + elapsed time bonus word problems)

*Spin a Fact Family

*Multiplication Chart Patterns


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