Prefix Sort: in-, im- (Reading Center Activities)


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Prefix Sorting Activity for prefixes -in and -im

I created this center to accompany Journeys Third Grade, Lesson 14 (Aero and Officer Mike), however, it could easily be used in any classroom who studies prefixes. The prefixes focused on are: in- and im-

Please note– if you bought my Journeys Unit for “Aero and Officer Mike” then this center is included in that download. Thank you!

Download includes:

3 sorting headers (one for each suffix, and one for no suffix)
Instruction page
24 prefix word cards
1 worksheet to record the sort
1 answer key for the sort
1 worksheet to practice identifying root words and meanings
1 worksheet for writing a story using words with prefixes
1 worksheet for writing sentences using new words

Thank you!


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