Multiplication Strategies


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I created these activities for my 3rd graders to use in centers during math. I really wanted to help them focus on different ways to show a basic multiplication fact. Download includes:

“Multiplication 4-Ways”

4 different pages that ask students to show a multiplication problem as a fact family, array, equal group, word problem, number line, or repeated addition

“Multiplication Spinners”

4 versions of “Spin an Array” (easier facts/harder facts) plus black and white (for printing on colored paper)

2 versions of “Spin Equal Groups” (color and black and white)

2 different answer sheets for center work

“Multiplication Puzzle Pieces”

10 different sets of multiplication puzzles (4 pieces per puzzle that show each fact in 4 different ways)

1 recording sheet to show answers of facts

1 puzzle piece sheet that allows students to create their own puzzles


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