Measurement Snowball Fight



By the end of 3rd grade my students need to be able to measure to the 1/4 inch. However, I like to start them off with a few days of review for measuring to the nearest inch and 1/2 inch. This is such a fun way to get the students moving and practicing measurement using their rulers!

In this activity you can choose between 2 sets of snowballs (colored and black & white). If you like to save your color prints– then I highly suggest printing on blue (or any bright color) paper. After printing the snowballs, don’t forget to print the recording sheet for answers (as well as your answer key).

Cut apart the snowballs and wad up the paper into balls. Have your students get a pencil and ruler.

The rest is simple: Toss, unroll, and measure! After writing down their answers students will wad up their “snowball” and toss it again. Then, they will go find a new “snowball” to measure.


Let students complete them all– or see how many they can get done using a timer.


I’ve also included a snowman measuring worksheet that you can use before the snowball fight or after as a quick assessment. Answer key is included for that as well.


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