Hipster Dogs Distance Learning Backdrop Décor



This mini hipster dog décor bundle will allow you to create a beautiful and fun display as a backdrop for online teaching or distance learning! Use as little or as many materials as you want/need– it only takes about 20 minutes to print and set up a display!

It’s easy to hang these items on a bulletin board behind you– or you can even hang bulletin board paper on a wall to make a realistic display!

Please note: Not all dogs from the larger décor bundle are featured in this product. If you look through the preview you will see what dogs are featured– I do not plan to be editing or adding to them. Thank you!


  • Editable horizontal and vertical posters (add whatever text you want!)
  • Editable objective(s) posters
  • Editable rule posters
  • Editable dog banners
  • 8×10 motivational posters
  • 5×5 mini dog posters
  • Printable dogs with sayings
  • Premade “welcome” banner
  • “Today is” sign with interchangeable days of the week
  • Large “welcome” poster


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