Geometry 4-in-a-row Game


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I created these geometry 4-in-a-row games to use in math class with my 3rd graders. They can easily be used as center games, review games, partner games, etc.

In this download there are 8 different board (some boards include a black and white version). Topics covered include:

*Lines, rays, line segments, parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular
*Types of Angles (acute, right, obtuse, and straight)
*Quadrilaterals (plus b&w)
*Triangles (scalene, right, and equilateral) plus b&w
*2D Shapes (plus b&w)
*3D Shapes (plus b&w)
*Spin and Partition (spin a fraction and partition a shape into the proper pieces)
*Spin and Shade (2 versions) for students to practice shading fractions


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