Monthly Organization

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Do you feel like you’re constantly digging around in your files for holiday and seasonal activities? I always found it handy to keep all of my seasonal activities and books in one location

Setting up a seasonal organizer is easy! Here is what I like to use:

*Three 3-drawer Sterilite drawer (like these) OR a 10 drawer rainbow cart (like these)
*A printed set of your favorite labels
*Double sided tape or hot glue

I print, laminate, and stick each label on a drawer using double sided tape. Now I can easily add books, copies of my favorite holiday activities, and leftover pieces we didn’t use to each monthly drawer! 

I also use these labels at home with my kids– I have sterilite latching bins with their holiday books inside and like to use the labels on the outside of the bins so I can quickly swap out books!
You can find my drawer labels here— I hope this helps you stay organized and saves you time! Save the pin below to save this idea for later!

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