Jungle Fever (the good kind)

It was a week of accomplishment for me! First, I finished a painting for the baby of a close friend:

Next, I created a lot of various documents to use in my school’s Open House! Click on the picture below to see the packet (36 pages)– PLUS it comes with zebra homework folder labels (quite a steal!)

Finally, I have spent the last few weeks in my classroom setting it up for a new year! This year our school-wide theme was jungle. We all took it as “Jungle/Safari” theme. It’s a jungle safari (or so I tell my husband when he argues with me about the animals in a jungle vs. a safari)!

Here are some pics of my room! First, my lovely mother sewed me some curtains to cover shelving and valences for the tops of my windows:

These lovely curtains hide a lot of storage items!

Next, I painted 2 of my bookshelves. One I made completely black, then I glued dotted ribbon to the edge. Another I just painted over a blue color– so now it’s black and yellow (instead of blue and yellow):

It’s really hard to get a shot since it’s by the bright window!
Plus my desk prevents me from backing up too far!
Long bookshelf– now black and yellow!

The next thing I did was take leftover fabric and cover my desk!

Then I couldn’t find a black tablecloth for my long table– so I am using a bed sheet instead (and it was actually cheaper too!). I glued a ribbon around the edge of it:

Now for some jungle decor!

My corner tree– jungle leaves from Cricut machine 🙂
This is the board where my kids track their AR points– they write the scores on little laminated safari hats and change them every time the score goes up
Jungle Jobs
Vines from Hobby Lobby (ceiling) and monkeys from Cricut
Obviously I need an updated name plate 🙂
Outside door
Tree outside my door (I am adding more leaves soon)
Hallway bulletin board (with student names)
Clothespin animals in the hallway for hanging up work!

And there you have it– I don’t feel like I got very into the theme this year… maybe next time!

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  1. It all looks very theme-ish to me! Your class looks colorful and fun. Can I time-warp back and come join?

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