DIY Glitter Ornament

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Happy holiday season! If you are looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive ornament to make at school or home– I am going to share one of my favorites! You can find another ornament idea (a wood slice photo ornament) HERE. (Please note this post contains some affiliate links)
Glitter Ornament DIY
Supplies: Set of clear glass ornament balls, bottle of liquid floor wax, glitter of various colors, small paper funnel (or plastic funnel if you own one), ribbon, letter stickers (or vinyl lettering if you own a cutting machine like a Cricut), paint pen or metallic sharpies
Step 1: Take the topper off the ornament and squirt in floor cleaner. Use thumb to stopper the ornament and shake/swirl the cleaner all over the inside (you want it coated)
Step 2: Dump excess floor cleaner out– I have the kids dump it back into a cup and afterwards I pour it back into the bottle– no need to waste any! I’ve been using the same bottle of floor cleaner for 3 years now! 
Step 3: Use a funnel (I make a paper one) to pour in glitter of choice.
Step 4: Use thumb to stopper the ornament and shake/roll the glitter all over the inside of the ornament. If there are bare spots you can always add more glitter. Do this until the inside is coated with glitter. 
Step 5: Put topper back on the ornament. 
Step 6: (Skip this step if you don’t own a Cricut) The night before I use my Cricut machine to cut the first initial of all my students. I cut the letter at about 1 inch tall and use the font “Watermelon Script”– as soon as the student is done with their ornament I apply the letter. I always use Oracle 651 vinyl in white
Step 7: If you aren’t using vinyl on the outside, you can just as easily use sticker letters or a paint pen/metallic sharpie to add details like name and year. 
Step 8: Add a ribbon for hanging– or hooks if you prefer.
Step 9: Put in small bags with tissue paper. I usually buy mine at craft stores when they have a sale! 
Step 10: Remind students to carry them home VERY carefully– since they are glass!
This is one of my favorite ornament crafts! I’ve been making them with my students for over 5 years now! They always turn out beautifully– and you can always save the extra supplies for the next year! If you want to save this idea– please pin the image below: 

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