Easy Earth Day Craft

Hello my lovely teacher friends! Today I wanted to share a quick Earth Day craft I make with my students every year! Here are the supplies I use:
  • Washable markers (blue and green– dark blue works best)
  • Coffee filters
  • Black construction paper
  • Writing page
  • Spray bottle or faucet
  • Paper plates
  • Glue sticks
1. Give each student a coffee filter and have them press it down until flat. Give them blue and green washable markers and let them color the filter.
2. Fold the colored filters into fourths before wetting (this helps the water spread faster)
3. Use a spray bottle to lightly mist the filter (you can hold it, or students can hold it). If I don’t have a spray bottle I will hold it under a slowly dripping faucet and rotate as it drips. 
4. Once the filter is wet the marker should run. I turn the filter all directions and make sure every inch is wet. Then I open it carefully and put it on a paper plate (usually pre-labeled with the student’s name) to dry.
5. Once dry, return to student and glue onto black paper. I have them use glue sticks because liquid glue will show through the filter. 
6. Add a writing prompt and hang!
You can snag this 1/2 sheet writing page in this Earth Day product. The product has other versions of the paper as well as some planning sheets. 
I hope you have a fantastic Earth Day! 

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