Easy DIY Baby Closet Prep

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Hey everyone! Not my usual “teacher” post here– but I wanted to share a recent project! If you didn’t know, my husband and I are expecting our first child in November! Super exciting– but also super scary! One thing I’m doing to ease my anxiety is to make sure we are prepped for our girl! 
So I decided to make these closet clothing divider hangers! I don’t plan to hang all her clothing– just the fancier items. I couldn’t find a pattern to match the colors I want to use in her nursery (blush, navy, and white)– so I made my own! 
I simply printed on cardstock and used my home laminator to make them a little more sturdy (although I think they would’ve been sturdy enough without the lamination #teacherproblems) Then I cut each hanger out– and added a cut on the side of the circle so it could slip onto the closet rail. 
I thought I would share this project with future or current moms/dads! So you can download the file for FREE right HERE
I hope you’re having a great day! Thanks for stopping by! 

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