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Are you looking for a way to boost your classroom management strategy? Perhaps you’re looking for a new classroom incentive or reward idea? I’ve got you covered with some of my favorites!
 Personally, I love gleaning ideas from other teachers around me– as well as places like Facebook and Instagram! Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve used in my room this year! **Please note this post contains some Amazon affiliate links**
I love it when we can focus on positive behavior ! In my room we have started using a compliment jar! The idea is simple– every time we receive a compliment from ANOTHER teacher– we get a star inside! After 12 stars we can vote on a class party idea. These ideas do not have to cost money or take a long time. For example,  my kids voted on a “gym time”– and we played inside our gym for 15 minutes before lunch. They loved it! 
To make your own compliment jar is easy! Print off the printables (I used the “poster” print option on the jar to make mine larger). Click here to read how to print as a poster! Then I cut mine out and added magnets to the back. Quick and easy! 
I have a coworker who utilizes a compliment chain! Every time they get a compliment they add a link to a paper chain. Once the link reaches from floor to ceiling they earn a class party! 
Another great classroom incentive is to focus on classroom goals. For example, I used this Christmas tree goal chart last December. Each ornament had a specific goal we needed to work on (lining up, voice levels, specials behavior, etc.). Whenever we met one of our goals, I added the ornament to our tree. Once we had 7 ornaments we earned a small class party (hot cocoa). The kids loved pointing out when they had met a goal! It really kept them focused! 
You would easily set up a goal board using ANY classroom theme or monthly theme. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be holiday themed! 
I saw this idea on Instagram and ran to my nearest Target to purchase this giant Kerplunk game! 
Teachers let students pull out sticks for a variety of reasons (it really depends on what your kiddos need)– and once the balls fall– they earn a reward! You can purchase this giant version on Amazon— but it’s pretty expensive compared to the one Target had on clearance! 
Basically any holiday time = crazy kids! Why not use it to your advantage? Around Valentine’s Day I always give out a tiny mailbox full of small prizes! 
I pick one student every day who exhibited something I loved the day before (hard work, endurance, positive attitude, friendliness, etc.). I write that student a quick note and fill the mailbox with a prize or 2 (this year it was play-doh and fun dip). Students love coming into the room every day wondering who will receive the mailbox next! You can find these reward tags FREE in my store. 
You can use the holidays to your advantage! March? Give away green pencils or little containers of slime! Easter? Give out a golden egg (which I’ve found at Walmart in the Easter aisle) that has a small eraser or jellybeans inside! Use your imagination and the kids will love to work hard! 
Lastly, here are some links to some of my favorite reward ideas and lists!
As promised– here is the link to the compliment jar in my TPT store. Be sure to click the green star by my store name to follow me and receive updates about new products and sales! 
Hopefully you got some new ideas from this post! Feel free to share your favorite incentives in the comments below! 

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