Class Dojo Debit Cards

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Hello friends! I’ve had many questions over the last few months about how I use my “Class Dojo Debit Cards” in my classroom– so here we go!
First, you will want THIS product (it’s what I created/use in my room). You will need a list of your kiddos and the Class Dojo clipart (you can get it for free here). In order to abide by Class Dojo Terms of Use– I cannot sell the items with the clipart included. Included in my TPT product are the directions for how to download/use the clipart.
Once you get your students names on the cards (along with the clipart) you can print them front/back. After printing, I cut my cards out and run them through the laminator. (This step is crucial if you want to be able to erase and edit points on the card) However, it is possible to just print on bright paper and use a pen to cross off points when you add/take away. 
Now your cards are ready! Here is how I use the cards every week:
  1. I hand out points throughout the week based on behavior.
  2. On Friday afternoons, I take the points each student has earned and use a Sharpie to put the amount on the back of his or her card. If students already have points on the back, I use an expo over the top of the Sharpie and wipe off (this erases the sharpie). Then I can combine their previously earned points with the new points and rewrite their total.
  3. I try to clear out points at the end of every week and update card totals– that way students can all start fresh on Monday.
  4. Students can use their cards to “shop” for fun/free rewards on my reward posters (which I post in my room)
Throughout the year I use the same process (Sharpie & Expo) to erase and add/subtract points from the cards. I keep the cards in a crayon holder or Ziplock so I don’t have worry about students losing them. Students are usually allowed to shop at least once a week– but some teachers do it less often (once a quarter). It’s really up to you, how much time you have, how often you’re willing to update points, etc. 
If you still need want more info about how I use Class Dojo, you can read another post HERE.
Thank you for reading! Have a blessed day! 

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  1. How do I get my own dojo debit cards? I been using class dojo to track points on special Olympics and would like somewhere I can keep them when I reset the dojo bubble.

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