Reward Tags: How to Use, Store, and Manage Your Tags

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This is the first year I’m going to try “Reward Tags”. 
 I’m going to discuss with my students that it’s alright to feel proud of yourself– just as long as you’re not doing it at someone else’s expense. The lesson I want them to carry with the reward tags: It’s great to be proud of your accomplishments. And it’s ok to be proud because my teacher is proud of me. 
 It’s all in how you set it up! 
Here is my reward tag board at school:
I’m going to hang student necklaces using pushpins. I’m also planning to probably staple a few tags around the board– just to fill in some of the white space. 
This board sits right next to my Class Dojo board (I’m sure you’ve seen the pics before):
I am going to attempt both this year! I think it’s going to be fun!
I finally got my necklaces ordered. I got mine from Etsy– but there are millions of places you can find them:
And I bought some tags off of TPT (check out “Lucky Little Learners” for some great ones!)– and made some for my own kiddos. I finally got them ALL printed, laminated, and cut out. I am storing them in this organizer from Lowes (around $19):
Here are some of the tags I made (like the Dojo ones on the bottom of my organizer)– and these adorable “Happy Birthday” tags (you can find these in my store)
I’ve also have some other themed tags in my TPT store: 
CLICK HERE to see all the reward tags I offer in my TPT store!
Have you ever used reward tags before?
Thanks for stopping by– hope you have a blessed week! 

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    1. Hello Alexis! Unfortunately I cannot post the Class Dojo tags due to their "Terms of Use" in their clip art. I hope this makes sense!

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