Back To School Prep: Getting a Head Start!

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Does your school host an “open house” night? Sometimes they may call it a meet-and-greet, meet the teacher night, or back to school night. Maybe you’re a little stressed about what to do during that time. Here is a quick idea you can work on over the summer– to make that back to school time a little less stressful! 

First, I made these editable teacher business cards to give to my parents!

I printed, laminated, and glued a magnet on the back of each card– so now they can’t lose my contact information! You can click the link above or on the product cover below to download your free copy and start prepping right away!

Next, I saw this adorable post on pinterest– and decided I would recreate it to match my classroom color scheme (navy). So, I bought 3 sets of navy striped bags from Target and a box of crayons for each of my students. The bags totaled $3, and the crayons were $0.50 each at Walmart.

Inside each bag I put 2 Ticonderoga pencils (tip– use the pre-sharpened kind), a box of crayons, and I’m in the process of cutting out these oh-so-adorable student bookmarks (one for each student). I may also include a small eraser, but I haven’t had time to go back to Walmart yet.

I then used washi tape (you know you have a TON of that stuff) to attach a tag to each bag! And, voila! Easy, simple, and cute!

You can access these free tags in my growing resource library! Click HERE to download a free set of tags (I only included the colors navy and red) for grades 1st-4th! Hope they help you plan ahead! 

Lastly, I’m getting my room decorations up and running! I’m almost done. I just have a few things to finish here and there (post coming soon!) But I was able to post my cursive alphabet line yesterday– It’s in Zaner Bloser! Here is the cover if you want to check it out: 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a blessed day!

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