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Do you teach writing in your classroom? It was always one of my favorite subjects to teach, but it was also so hard to keep students engaged! This writing process bulletin board will help you keep track of personal writing goals! I used the large pencil clip chart to help students track their progress and the editable goal cards to help us focus on specific skills or trouble spots in our writing!

I love this bulletin board bundle because it comes with SO many useful parts! I liked to use various pieces throughout the year as a way to really engage my learners.

Giant Writing Pencil

The giant tracking pencil is easy to assemble! I laminated mine for durability and it lasted over 4 years! I used clothespins with student numbers on the pencil, so it was easy for students to move their clips and see what step they were on in the writing process!

Writer of the Week & Spotlight Author

In this space I would post a large 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper with a clothespin glued on it. This allowed me to switch out author biographies or writing pieces! It’s a great way to highlight special authors OR showcase student writing!

#Goal Getters

One of my favorite things to do with my students was set personal goals! The bulletin board bundle comes with premade goal cards (print and go!) OR editable cards so you can create your own! The great thing about these cards? They fit into the adhesive square pockets often found in the Target Spot section!

Pencil Banner

The pencil banners come in 3 sizes and can be printed and hung as decor. You can also use the editable file to add writing to them. They make an adorable display!

What Do Writers Do?

This part of the board is PERFECT for making an anchor chart at the beginning of the year! Simply print the pieces and brainstorm with your students “what writers do”. It helps remind students that writing doesn’t come easily to everyone– and that’s ok!

So there you go! The perfect (and easiest) bulletin board for your ELA classroom! If you’re interested in my other subject bulletin boards you can check them out in my store:


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