Winter In the Classroom

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Hello! Winter has certainly arrived with its freezing temps and piles of snow (at least, where I live). I wanted to share a few winter ideas for teachers who may need something quick and easy to grab (for a sub day, day with less students, etc.). Here we go! 
If you find yourself teaching virtually this winter, I have some Google slides to help you out! This product also comes with editable PowerPoint slides (in case you want to create your own slides or use them in person). I have a large holiday/season bundle — so you can save money by purchasing that– or you can buy the winter themed slides separately! Click HERE or on the pic above to see more!
One activity that is always a hit with both students and teachers (and subs!) are multiply and color or add/subtract and color pages! Super simple to have copies premade and easy to grab in a pinch. You can find these pages HERE (or click the pic below)

Another fun idea that can create a festive display are these muliplication snowmen from my friend Amber. You can find these snowmen HERE

As much fun as it is to have a real snowball fight– this one will last a lot longer (in ANY environment). Plus it’s a great way for students to practice measuring to the nearest 1/2 inch! Print, crumple, and go! Find this activity HERE.

If you teach 3rd you may be more interested in measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch! In that case check out these festive math centers!
Looking for a fun experiment to do? Try these homegrown snowflakes! My students loved peering into their jars to see how much the snowflakes had grown! 

Maybe you’re more into making warm drinks? If so, January 31st is a holiday you can easily celebrate with your students (national hot chocolate day!). I have a product in my TPT store that includes a close read with questions, a writing craft, marshmallow math, and marshmallow science! Easy to make an entire day out of it!

You can find some more creative ideas from fellow teachers using the links below:

 I hope you’re having a great year! 

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