The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 5 (Snow Day)

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Monday was snow day in our classroom! My kids were pretty excited because we have yet to have any real “wintry” weather this year! Please note: Any Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.

We started out by reading the book “Snowmen at Christmas“– there is also “Snowmen at Night“. I love having my kids write short stories about what snowmen really do at night! I use it on my bulletin board every year!

In math we had ourselves a little review over measuring the nearest 1/2 inch. Most of my kids had forgotten how to use a ruler! So it was a good review! We ended by having a little snowball fight. My kids were so excited to toss the paper balls around the room– I may have even thrown a few myself 🙂 You can find that activity here in my store. I also have an activity called “Snow Much Measurement” if you’d rather work on measuring the 1/4 inch! My kids just weren’t ready for that yet!

Lastly, we worked on making some snowflakes using borax and hot water– the recipe is down below. Hope it’s useful!

Hopefully this post gave you some fun ideas for a “snow day” in your classroom! If you want to read through all the 12 Days of Christmas posts– start HERE!
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