The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 (Trees)

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I am so excited for these last couple weeks before Christmas break (I know, I must be crazy!). But it’s such a fun time when teachers can do so much with their students! I plan to do a little Christmas activity every day from here until break. Here are some things I’m planning for the next 2 1/2 weeks:

  • 12 Days of Christmas (topical focus & activity every day– see the unit I purchased here)
  • Holidays around the world (we will do this the last week before break)
  • Grinch Day (I plan for this to be our last theme day before break!)
So you’ll definitely want to come back in a few days to read more about my activities! Please note: Any Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.
Tomorrow will start the 1st day of Christmas (Christmas Tree Day)! Here are the short activities I have planned:
  • Read a tree-themed picture book & complete a graphic organizer (I’m going to read this one because Scholastic always has great prices on picture books!)
Last week I read my kids the book “Night Tree” and we learned about main idea and details– this would have fit in nicely! This little tree craftivity came from December’s Rooted in Reading!
  • Eat a tree shaped snack (I know the kids LOVE those seasonal Little Debbie cakes or brownies!)
  • Create a tree craft! I found this idea on Pinterest and made a FREE template for you! You can can access it through my free resource library (full of other goodies as well!) There is a large one and smaller one– mine is the larger one. (I am not sure I will do names– we could do almost anything we are studying!)
  • Do a Christmas tree themed scoot in math! This particular scoot is geared toward 3rd grade multiplication skills and can be found HERE in my store.

The unit I bought also comes with printable bag covers. You can buy Christmas bags and glue the covers on– I found a pack of 13 plain bags in the crafting section at Walmart, laminated the covers, and hot glued them on the front. Every day I plan to put in the craft supplies, snack, book, math activity, etc. Here is my one for trees (I haven’t filled it yet!)
 I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you gleaned some amazing ideas for you room!

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