Thanksgiving in the Classroom

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One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving! If I were rich, I’d probably spend all my money on cute turkeys and Thanksgiving decorations! Do you struggle with creating engaging lesson plans during this hectic time? Sometimes this week (the week before Thanksgiving break! Hello!) you have to plan extra interactive activities to keep your learners engaged! I always try to plan fun activities for my sweet little 3rd graders! Here is a quick snapshot:

We are going to read some of these adorable picture books:

We are going to be working on these “multiply and color” pages (great for a party day or sub day!). My kids always go nuts over these pages! 

I also have them in addition/subtraction (just in case you teach a younger grade or need to make adjustments for student level!)

For morning displays I plan to use my “Thanksgiving Google Slides”– also great to display directions during various activities! 

Also for math I will be using this multiplication center involving matching turkeys and their property feathers:

Another activity my students always love is a simple “Jeopardy” style game. Click here to check that out! 

For reading (other than our picture books), I also love using this football themed main idea activity! It helps keep the boys (and girls) interested and engaged! They don’t even realize they’re practicing reading skills:

I think my week is all set! What are your favorite Thanksgiving activities to do with your kids? Please feel free to share ideas in comments– I am always looking for something new! Thanks for stopping by– hope you have a blessed week!

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