DIY Student Supply Caddies

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I must be on some kind of school crafting roll– because today I completed another project! Celebration with a cup of coffee!

Our grade (actually our entire elementary school) is doing this thing where we charge supply fees– and then the classroom teacher shops for the ENTIRE class for school supplies. Yes, a huge headache, but also totally fun because I absolutely adore the school supply aisle. And when those back-to-school sales starts, my husband has to practically drag me away kicking and screaming  because I want to buy a little of everything.

So a few days ago I went with my colleagues and we all purchased our school supplies in bulk (sorry to our poor cashiers!). And since all of the supplies will be school owned- I figured it’s ok for the kids to be sharing them. A lot of the other teachers said they were going to use group tubs, so I have been looking for affordable tubs.

I almost always group my student desks in groups of 4-5, so I figured supply caddies would be the perfect thing. I checked online– but figured I could find better prices in stores. The first place I went to? Dollar Tree. They have some amazing deals! Sadly my Dollar Tree only had 3 caddies– and I wanted at least 6.

My next stop? Wal-Mart. As I was meandering down a seasonal aisle– I saw some supplies for college students. On the top shelf were mini bathroom caddies. I guess they put them up there because they’re so cheap ($0.97). And they had at least 4 different colors to choose from– so I picked up 6 black ones. Total cost? $6.

We then headed toward the craft area– where I picked out 6 different shades of ribbon. I have this thing for polka dots– so I gravitated toward those. Each spool cost $2 apiece (it really depends on the size of your ribbon and the design). So that cost $12.

I took it all home, and today I used hot glue (it works EVERY time!) to stick the ribbon on the caddy. Then, because sometimes I get really girly– I tied a little bow on the handle. I know that the bow won’t last a week with 3rd graders– but for the time being it made me happy. I almost glued on some table numbers (you could also use the ribbon to attach table numbers to the caddies), but I realized I always call table groups by their colors. So the numbers were superfluous to my plan.

Here are some pictures– because I know you want to see the finished product (for a grand total of close to $18):I should’ve made one for my own desk!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting!

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  1. What a great idea! I'm checking out Walmart later for shower cubbies! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I want to do table group supplies this year and have been waiting for dollar tree to get the different color containers again. Know I know walmart is the place to go.

  3. These look wonderful! I am looking to upgrade what I have… Black is my favorite, and those bright colors look fabulous against it! Thanks so much for sharing! Just found your blog today and am a new follower and fellow teacher blogger. My blogging partner pinned this post and we are sharing it in today's Favorite Pins post…

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  4. Anna–so sorry to bother you with this, but do you still have the receipt with the UPC for your black caddies that you could email me? I have been calling around to Walmart to see if they have them, but they're having a hard time understanding what I'm talking about… :0( My email is Thanks!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

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