Whole Class Journal Covers



This is a simple way to set up the use of “whole-class journals” in your classroom. I have created 18 journal prompts to get your students in the writing mood. I also added blank covers (in case you want to create your own). All you have to do is print the covers, glue them onto a spiral notebook, and put them in a spot your students can easily access. Enjoy!

Download includes:
1 set of teacher directions/lesson plan
1 practice writing prompt page
1 set of colored covers w/ clip art
1 set of black and white covers w/ clip art
1 set of simple covers– can be printed black and white (no clip art– for older students)

Topics Covered:
A hobby I have…
Favorite holiday and why…
Favorite season and why…
Something I am great at is…
A dream I had…
My biggest goal…
The BEST vacation EVER!
The scariest thing that ever happened to me…
My favorite memory
I wish that I could…
Favorite sport
What would you do if you could fly?
Pretend you can talk to animals. What animal would you talk to? What questions would you ask?
Write a poem about your favorite person, place, or animal
What is your dream vacation?


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