Succulent Back to School Bundle



This back to school bundle was made to match a succulent, rustic, or shiplap themed classroom style. I think it would also look great with farmhouse chic classroom decor! Please note that the plants in the product are mostly succulents– NOT cacti.

This download includes 7 different products:

Back to school night/Open house night documents. This contains:

*Pencil toppers

*Editable posters (for class lists, schedules, etc.)

*Editable sign-up sheets

*Editable classroom wish lists (2 versions)

*Parent note to child (with writing paper)

*Editable gift tags (3 versions)


Editable “Welcome Back” letter templates (you need PowerPoint to edit). These templates come in many designs and options. Add your own pictures and text to customize!


Back to school night/Open house PowerPoint. This contains:

*Editable title slides (add your name, class, grade, etc.)

*Over 50 pre-titled slides (the titles CANNOT be edited)

*5 Blank slides (to create your own)


Editable Back to School Bulletin Board. This includes:

*2 title versions (round circular letters or large white letter to print on bright cardstock) that both spell out “Minds grow here!”

*8 editable banners (to create a title or add student names)

*2 versions of succulent cutouts (white and chalkboard)– these are perfect to add student names and hang outside your classroom!


Editable Virtual Meet the Teacher: Made for Google Slides, but also comes with editable PowerPoint slides


Printable Teacher Planner. This includes:

*Printouts for every month of the year

*Editable cover page (to add your name, grade, year, etc.)

*Note pages

*Class info pages

*Schedule pages

*Curriculum pages

**PLEASE NOTE** This item is NOT editable– and I do not plan to add any more pages to it. Thank you!


Editable Teacher Contact Card (please be sure you have PowerPoint to edit)


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