Reading: Editable Bulletin Board Kit



I am so excited about this editable reading themed bulletin board! I plan to hang various pieces in my room (or on an anchor chart) for my students to reference all year long!

Download includes:

*Title words: “#BookTalk” and “Reading”

*Mini Title: Reading Strategies/Skills (also includes 10 pages of different strategies and skills used in reading (would fit nicely on its own bulletin board or anchor chart paper!)

*Mini title: “Read for Understanding” and “Close Reading” (plus 6 mini posters to help students track their steps in close reading. There is also 8 blank posters to create your own steps to close reading (if you prefer a unique order or saying)

*Mini title: Skill of the Week (perfect for displaying objectives and learning targets!)

*Mini title: We <3 Data OR We Dig Data (use to display student growth charts or class growth charts

*Mini title: #Goal Getters (includes 30 premade reading goals– for example: I will read the text slowly) Download also includes 6 blank goal cards to create your own or cater to individual student goals or needs

*20 conversation starter posters (example: “I agree with you because…”)

Editable file is in PowerPoint (to make for easy editing) and include the 6 mini posters and a set of blank goal cards.


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