Proper Nouns: Mini-Book, Printables, & Games



I created this product to use with my 3rd graders when we study proper nouns, common nouns, and abstract nouns. I’ve tried to include a variety of activities– so if you want to pick and choose what suits your classroom or style, then it’s easy! Or if you have time you can try them all!

Here is what is included in the download:

pg. 2-4 Mini anchor charts (common, proper, & abstract nouns)

pg. 5-9 “Proper Noun Jot Down”– center directions, cards, and worksheet

pg. 10-15 “Proper Noun Sentence Sort”– center with directions, sorting mats, 10 sentence cards, and worksheet/answer key

pg. 16-19 “Proper Noun Spinners”– center with directions, topic spinner, noun spinner, and recording sheet

pg. 20-25 “Proper Noun Game Board”– letter tiles, game board, directions, 2 spinners, and 5 playing pieces

pg. 26-32 “Proper Noun Printables”– Color-a-Noun (common/proper/abstract); Foldable Booklet; Proper Noun Hunt; Proper Noun Scavenger Hunt; Common/Proper Cut & Paste

pg. 33-39 Proper Noun Mini-Book: interactive pages that discuss the difference between common, proper, and abstract nouns


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