Ocean Animal Research Project



I created this research product packet for my 3rd grade classroom, but I feel it could be easily adapted for a younger or an older grade. Download includes:

pg. 3 Teacher Instructions
pg. 4 List of Ocean Animals
pg. 5 Student Choice Surveys
pg. 6 List of Websites for Student to Use
pg. 7 Basic Research Questions
pg. 8-15 Beginning Your Research (instructions, KWL chart, questions worksheet, book research directions and worksheet, internet research directions and worksheet)
pg. 16-20 Putting It Together (Student directions, 3 research notes outline organizers)
pg. 21-28 Writing a Rough Draft (Student directions, 4 paragraph planning sheets, 2 rough draft pages)
pg. 29-32 Final Draft Paper
pg. 33-34 Other Project Ideas
pg. 35-39 Ocean Writing Prompts


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