Hipster Dog Christmas Bundle



This classroom Christmas bundle will go perfectly with a dog, hipster, or shiplap themed classroom. Items included in this download:

Hipster Dog Christmas Bookmarks: 5 different bookmarks with various sayings on them (all holiday related)– come with a cursive/print mix or all print style

Hipster Dog Christmas Lyric Posters: 5 different 8×10 hipster dog Christmas lyric posters (such as “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”) Please note– style is a mix of print and cursive on each poster. These fit perfectly in 8×10 picture frames!

Hipster Dog Editable Gift Tags: 2 different sized tags (6 to a page or 3 to a page). Smaller tags say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Paw-lidays” (with no space to add names). I also included a blank version of these smaller tags so you can write your own short message. The large 3-to-a-page tags say “Happy Paw-lidays” with a space for “To” and “From”– so you can add names.

Hipster Dog No Homework Pass: 1 page with 3 passes that say “No Homework Pass” on it. I have included a blank, editable page so you can change the pass to say whatever you want.


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