Hipster Cats Class Jobs Display



This editable class job display was made to match a cat, hipster, or shiplap themed classroom style. I love hanging my class jobs as a display and attaching student names or numbers using velcro! I also included an option to glue the jobs onto library pockets.

**Please note– you will need PowerPoint to open and edit the file**

Download also includes:

1 Title banner “Class Jobs” (not editable)

1 Set of watercolor numbers (1-24)– (editable)

24 Premade job labels and library pocket labels (in 2 sizes):

Teacher Helper, Mailman, Line Leader, Bathroom Monitor, Caboose, Banker, Substitute, Paper Passer, Cleanup Crew, Computer Expert, Lunch Count, Errand Runner, Supply Manager, Room Inspector, Hallway Monitor, Pencil Helper, Light Helper, Door Helper, Paper Collector, Calendar Helper, Reporter, Board Eraser, Chair Stacker, Media Specialist

Editable pieces include: watercolor numbers and both styles of labels (make sure you have PowerPoint to edit)


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