Hipster Animals Welcome Bulletin Board



This hipster animal themed welcome bulletin board set was made to match a hipster, animal, zoo, rainbow, or watercolor classroom style. I think it would look great with any theme or as a stand alone bulletin board!

**PLEASE NOTE** You will need PowerPoint to download and edit this product.

This download includes:

4 TITLES (Titles include cursive and print versions)

  • All are Welcome!
  • Be different. Be unique. Be yourself.
  • Dare To Be Different
  • You Belong Here



2 editable hipster animal styles (glasses & flower headbands)

*Cutouts come in 2 circular styles and sizings (a set of 5″ and a set of 4″)

These are perfect to add student names and hang outside your classroom! There are a total of 25 different animal cutouts to use.


*Please Note: Preview only shows a few options for titles and animals– including them all would make the file very large**


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