Easter Egg Test Prep: 3rd Grade Communication Arts


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This is a fun product that would be great to use before testing begins! Simply print off the question cards and insert into large plastic eggs. Hide the eggs around your classroom and let students hunt for them! They will love a chance to move around while getting to practice essential language arts skills!

Download includes:
24 colorful question cards (mostly multiple choice)
2 versions of a recording sheet
1 answer key

Skills covered:
Spelling, Synonyms/Antonyms, Contractions, Subject-Verb Agreement, Compound Words, Homophones, Punctuation, Comparatives/Superlatives, Verb Usage, Friendly Letters, Fact/Opinion, Capitalization, Possessive Nouns, and Parts of Speech

**Be sure to purchase large plastic eggs– as the size of the cards may not fit in smaller eggs**


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