Procrastinators Unite… Tomorrow

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Motivation. I’m fairly certain that sometimes we all lack it… Or maybe it’s just me.

Sayings like these always seem to ring a bell with me:

“Stop procrastinating– starting tomorrow”
“Procrastination: Why get done today what you can put off until tomorrow?”
“Procrastinators unite… Tomorrow”

Anyway, I tend to procrastinate on things like exercising. Or cleaning my apartment. So I decided that if I can motivate my kids at school with prizes and stickers, then maybe I can motivate myself with the same system. So, for my cleaning issues I created a simple list of chores in excel and boxes for me to check them off as I finish. I like seeing my work in progress.

Click here to download and print my “Cleaning” chart.

For my exercise issues I found a blank printable reward chart. Click here to see it. I decided that for every 10 times I go to exercise I will reward myself with something I love. The first reward is a new shirt. Maybe the next reward will be new shoes. As long as I have a goal to work toward, I will keep exercising– the idea of losing weight doesn’t seem as appealing as a new wardrobe.

And there you have it. I will try and spend my summer doing things without procrastinating… and I will jump on that first thing tomorrow!

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  1. I like your ways. I also have a problem with motivation…
    Maybe I'll try your rewards program. Starting next week or so…

  2. You are so crafty with your excel spreadsheets and googledocs. Heather knows I love a good spreadsheet.

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