Monthly Organization

In my classroom I have 2 large black filing cabinets. One cabinet has a drawer specifically for monthly themed files. In those files are a wide variety of objects (practice sheets, coloring pages, bulletin board ideas, etc.)

I came across a problem, though. I wanted a more specific place to keep my academic monthly-themed items (such as these fabulous No Prep Morning Work Packets from Clutter Free Classroom).

Originally I was keeping the items in a hideous container made of cardboard drawers– which was flimsy and not really working for me! So I decided to buy some Sterilite drawers (the ones that have 3 drawers in each) and gear each drawer toward a different month of the school year.

I skipped over August– because really I don’t start these items until my kids have our basic routine down (takes about 3 weeks)– and created labels for September-May. I printed, laminated, and stuck each label on a drawer using double sided tape. I stacked them up and now they are ready for the year! I am so excited to use them!

Here are some pictures:

You can find my drawer labels here— and, yes, I did go back and make one for the other months of the year– so now they range from January-December.

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