I’m Done… Now What?

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It’s the question every teacher dreads… “I’m done, what do I do?” 

If I had a dollar for each time my students asked me this question, I would be rich– probably a millionaire! 

At the beginning of each school year I have my students help me complete an anchor chart titled “When I’m Done” and we fill it with all kinds of ideas! It’s great! But over time my students seem to forget what we wrote, and they start to ask the dreaded question again. 

So, I created these mini posters to hang up on my white board. I think I will laminate them and stick magnets on them. I plan to put out 4-6 of them a week. I will switch them out weekly so students won’t get bored with the ideas! Of course, you could always hang up all the options– but my board isn’t that big! 

If you purchase the full product you will receive the color option, black and white option (shown above), as well as sets of editable cards (so you can make your own!) 

In any case, I hope it helps you get some reprieve! I know I’m looking forward to using it! 

You can find a FREE version in my TPT store! If you love it, feel free to leave some feedback– I love hearing how a product is received! Click on the picture below to find the complete product. Hope you have a blessed day! 


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  1. Oh my goodness, I have been looking for pretty fast finisher cards after seeing them on pinterest but they have always been so expensive! Thank you so much for these and even better they are free!! I have already let my friends know about them 🙂

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