How to Make Birthday Cups

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This idea has been around for awhile– so it’s totally not my original idea– but I thought I’d share what I bought and how I assembled my “birthday cups” last summer! Especially because I plan on making more this summer! (Please note this post contains some affiliate links for Amazon.)

Materials needed: 
1) Plastic coffee cups (with lids)— I ordered mine from Amazon. It was a little pricey–but I really got enough to last 2 years! I’ve also heard that some coffee places will donate these cups to teachers for free– so it may be worth inquiring! Just make sure it’s the kind for iced coffee and has a hole in the lid! 

2) Shredded white crinkle paper— I bought a few packs from my local Dollar Tree. You can still find this on Amazon though. You also don’t have to use white, but I wanted mine to resemble whipped cream. 

3) Suckers— I used different colored Tootsie Roll Pops (because a bag of just red cost a little more than I was willing to pay). You could easily use Blow Pops too. I bought my suckers in a large quantity from Walmart. 

4) Pencils— I use pencils to look like the “straws”– I found some cute rainbow ones at Walmart for very cheap! 

5) Whatever you want to use as a filler– This is where you can be as creative (or not creative) as you please! Here are some ideas for your cups

6) Full page label paper (or sticker paper). I purchase mine from Amazon– but I believe label paper is cheaper than sticker paper. You will need this type of paper to make the stickers for the cups! 

7)Labels for the cups– I have created a set with 19 different labels— here are a few closer up:

How to assemble:

  1. Fill each cup with desired goodies/candy– leave a little space at the top for the white crinkle paper!
  2. Top goodies with white crinkle paper and put on cup lid
  3. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the cup lid (for the birthday pencil) and put pencil in– I had to almost do 2 punches side by side to slide the pencil in more easily
  4. Put a sucker in the top hole of the cup lid
  5. Choose your birthday sticker label and put label paper in the printer (make sure you put it in the right way– I had to put mine in upside down)
  6. Print birthday cup stickers on the labels, cut out, peel, and stick onto cups
Now you are ready for the year ahead! Here is a quick post about how I keep track of student birthdays– if you need help remembering! Plus it’s a fun way to store birthday gifts! 

I hope you found this to be helpful! Best of luck in preparing for next year! 

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