DIY Crate Seats for the Classroom

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Remember when the idea of making crate seats came out and it was all the rage? Me too. However, I am way behind the times!

I decided that this summer was THE summer I was going to do some cool things for my classroom. One of my pet peeves is students having to drag their chairs back and forth to the small group table. A fellow coworker had made some crate seats about 2 years ago– and I have decided to join the crate seat bandwagon!

I like to keep it simple (and cheap)– I made 6 seats for easily under $90.

Here is my supply list:

  • 6 black file crates (or any color you want! Or you can always get spray paint for plastic and paint them!)
    Pink, anyone?
  • 2 sets of foam (4 pieces per package– found near the fabric in Wal-Mart)
  • 2 large pieces of 1/2 inch thick plywood (bought at a local lumber store– I set the crate on top and figured that each piece would make 3 toppers– so 2×3=6! Yay! 3rd Grade math!)
  • Staple Gun (a carpenter one)
  • Scissors (both fabric & paper)
  • 3 yards of fabric (whatever color tickles your fancy)

Now for the fun part! (Or as I like to call it– “the part that hurt my hands and knees because I may be getting too old to sit on the floor and do projects”!)

Gather supplies
I opted for slightly pricier foam for comfort reasons 🙂
All right! Here is how I made them (easy peasy):
1. Measure and cut wood boards to fit just inside of the crate (there is a little lip inside where the file folders would “hang”). I know you can get them cut at most lumber yards (bring the crate with you!) I had a coworker’s husband cut mine!
2. Lay foam on wood pieces (My foam was too large– so I used my scissors to trim it down) and cut to fit.
3. Lay out fabric (if you own a dog, vaccum first!) on floor– then place foam and board on top.
4. Cut around the board so that you leave a 3-4″ border around.
5. Fold fabric up and use staple gun to staple pieces. Fold corners under. Staple, staple, staple (and pull to keep it tight!)
6. Flip cushion over and put into crate!
Here are some more pictures:

My classroom colors this year are navy and yellow– so I bought those colors in fabric. Here is a finished seat:

Yay! Do you have any DIY ideas for the classroom? Or have you done this before? I’d love to read other ideas and tips– so please leave me some info in the comments below!

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