Classroom Decor (Creating Cohesion)

I know it can be a hot debate, “Does a classroom need a theme to be great?” Of course, we all know the answer is “no”. You don’t need a theme to thrive. But I, personally, have always enjoyed having a theme of some kind– to create a kind of “cohesion” for my learning space. I know that cohesion can create a calming atmosphere and make a classroom appear more welcoming. All that to say, you do what’s best for YOU and your students. Everyone is different– and that’s ok! Here are some simple steps to creating a cohesive space:
1) I think the best way to create a cohesive classroom is to try and stick to a color scheme. So if you love red and black, try to use items mostly in those colors. If you love rainbows– stick to those bright primary colors!
2) But what if the items I already own (or were given to me) don’t match? This is where you have to get creative! Use contact paper, use spray paint (yes, it’ll work on plastic– just give it enough time to thoroughly dry), use chalk paint (it can cover almost anything), use dry eraser board paint, use scrapbook paper and mod podge, or try searching pinterest for ideas! 
3) Use neutrals in the backgrounds. I know we can’t control our wall colors, and that’s ok! At my school we could ask permission to repaint (it never hurts to ask?). I also try to use a neutral color for my bulletin board backgrounds. Think: chalkboard black or wood grain (these go great with almost ANY theme)
4) Leave blank space. Say it with me, “I do NOT have to cover every square inch.” and repeat 5x. It’s ok to have empty space. It’s ok to leave bulletin boards mostly empty until you fill it in with your kiddos. This will help the room seem less “busy”. 
 Last year (and this year) my room has a succulent theme, so I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces (I will include links below the pics):
IKEA Labels (don’t look like mine– but are more like a label)
The “work display” posters come as a bonus file in the giant decor bundle (as do the rainbow cart labels)
So that, in a nutshell, is what most of the succulent decor looks like in a classroom. I find it very soothing and eye catching! You can find most of the items shown above in one of my 2 major succulent bundles (click on their pictures to see them in more detail):
In my TPT store I have created similar listings for the following themes (in case succulents aren’t your “thing”)
If you have any questions about any of my decor, please leave it in the comments! I hope you have a great year! 

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