Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Classroom

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I LOVE celebrating Valentine’s Day with my students! It’s such a fun time for them– plus, all those adorable tiny cards full of puns! Unfortunately some teachers dread this day, so I’m here to offer some fun ideas to keep your kids engaged and excited! 

I use this bulletin board as a study in adjectives AND kindness! Each student randomly draws a name and has to list adjectives to describe that person. I have my kids keep their person a secret– and I usually display a page of adjectives (we discuss any unknown words) to help them get started! The entire process is easy– makes a FABULOUS bulletin board display– and it is FREE. Click here to read more in-depth directions and get the free printables to help you get started!

If you find yourself teaching virtually on Valentine’s Day, I have some bright and colorful Google slides to help you out! This product also comes with editable PowerPoint slides (in case you want to create your own slides or use them in person). I have a growing holiday/season bundle — so you can save money by purchasing that– or you can buy the Valentine slides separately! Click HERE or on the pic above to see more! 
I LOVE using these math centers with my 3rd graders. Such a fun way to sneak in math practice while letting them play games and complete various tasks! Plus, once you get everything prepped you will have it ready for every Valentine’s Day. This download comes with 8 different centers that cover:
  • 3 Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • 2 Step Word Problems
  • Time to the minute/Elapsed Time
  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Graphing (bar graphs)
  • Fractions

Another activity my students love are these multiply and color pages! Also helpful to keep in a sub folder (just in case you need emergency plans)!


One thing I have my students do every year is create a Valentine bag to hold all their treats and cards. We usually do this at the beginning of the day (or even the day before) so that we can get started on passing out cards early! A few days ahead of time, I let students choose which animal they want to create– that way I can have the correct number of copies! 
Click HERE to see the bags I purchase off of Amazon (please note this is an affiliate link)– they are super sturdy and can hold a lot!
One last way I like to celebrate with my kids is by celebrating their amazing behavior all month long! I print off a set of these notes– and every day I pick a student who I felt did an incredible job the day before. I write a little note on the back and leave it on their desk with a small prize (candy, play-doh, pencil, eraser, etc.) I use a tiny mailbox from Target to keep it in. The student returns the mailbox, but keeps what’s inside. They were always so excited to come in and see who had the mailbox on their desk! 

Find those FREE printable notes HERE in my TPT store!

However you choose to celebrate in your classroom– I hope this post was able to give you some fun, new ideas! Have a great day! 

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