Brownie Points (A Cheap Behavior Management Strategy)

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Last year I noticed something about my 3rd graders– when they were in my room, they were behaved wonderfully. But then they would go to PE, Art, or Music– and return with a report that we “weren’t listening” or “couldn’t line up quietly”. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy with these reports.

I noticed a fellow teacher had this pan hanging on her wall that said “Brownie Points”– so I asked her what that was about– and she told me. I LOVED it– so I made my own pan. Here is mine:So how do “Brownie Points” work? It’s very easy:
1. Every time students go to Art, PE, or Music- they are scored on a scale from 1-5 (this is a system put in place by my school). It helps classroom teachers know how well their students behave outside the classroom. 
2. If students come back with 5 points– they get a “brownie point”. 
3. When the pan becomes full with “brownies”– the teacher brings them a treat.

In order to make mine, I scoured TPT for FREE Brownie Point printables– and found many different options. I also bought a cookie sheet from Walmart for about $1. (I’m sure you can also get them at Dollar Tree or Dollar General). I actually used 2 different “Brownie Point” printables. For the wording I used this one. And for the brownies I used this one. I laminated the pieces and bought sticky round magnets for the backs of the brownies.

In order for my kids to earn a reward– they must fill our pan with 16 brownies. You can adjust it to your students’ needs or ages. You don’t have to give them sweets– it could be some other reward. My school doesn’t ban sugar– so I just buy mine some form of Little Debbie snack cakes. 

Hope this gives you an idea for behavior incentives outside your classroom! Have a blessed week!

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